Our Mission

The East Oahu Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization, managed by an elected board of directors, consisting of businesses and professionals who have joined together to work towards solutions to the mutual concerns of its businesses and the community.  Chamber dues supplement the costs of operating the chamber and may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  The East Oahu Chamber of Commerce makes recommendations to the city, county, and state government.  The Mission of the Chamber of Commerce is to promote, perpetuate, and make prosperous the business and civic interests of East Oahu .  In the words of Henry Kaiser, “Where dreams do come true in the spirit of aloha”.

by: Noble Turner, Founding President

Each time Dave Shope and Billy McDonald sat at the bar at the Hawaii Kai Outback Restaurant, their conversation turned to fireworks. It was October of 2007. “How can we get fireworks for the 4th of July, right here at Maunalua Bay?” they would ask each other.

Lisa VanDenHueval would often join Dave and Billy and engage in the banter about ‘how to get fireworks for Hawaii Kai?”  I believe it was Dave’s brilliant and creative idea to form a Chamber of Commerce from which fireworks could be achieved. We all started asking ourselves, “How come Hawaii Kai has never had a Chamber?”  They (Dave, Billy and Lisa) set the idea in motion. Lisa went to get the entity forms and to file with the appropriate agencies. They all said, “Let’s make Noble Turner President”.  I was hesitant at first, but agreed!

Early on, we invited Delorese Gregoire from Winners’ Camp to join us. Peter Mann followed and became our treasurer.  Leo Hura was a powerful influencing wheel in the big picture. Before long, we were recruiting $500 and $1000 memberships. Delorese was particularly instrumental in recruiting $1000 memberships. She has been an ongoing supporter of great causes including Toys for Tots, Rotary, and many more.  She has also been loyal to the Chamber that raises funds to support great causes. Today, a corporate membership is only $500.00.

Along with mediator Leo Hura, many others joined our board. Promoter Derek Tamura was a major influence for the creation of by-laws, and a brilliant mind for other chamber creations. Our board quickly became a group of twelve.

Another (separate goup) formed: IDMB (Independence Day at Maunalua Bay). We supported IDMB for the first fireworks, with a major fundraiser through Katy, the manager of Outback. We marketed, advertised and served chicken and steak lunches at a drive through via Outback. Our donation was nearly $7000. We have continued to help raise funds for fireworks up till the present day.

From early on, we planned networking events such as Red, White, and Blues, Let’s Get Physical, and a Holiday Time Gala Event. The first gala was a sell out at Roy’s Restaurant.   There are four major events and four Outback networking luncheons each year. We have had teaching seminars with Pam Chambers, Cathy Lee, J.T. Fox, and others.

The Hawaii Kai Golf Course was the venue for many beautiful events. Other venues we have utilized are Blu Water Grille, The Oahu Club. The Hawaii Kai Retirement Community, Roy’s Restaurant, Center Stage at Town Center and the Kathy Ireland Beachfront Oasis Estate.

Over the years there have been many who have given freely of their time, efforts and loyalty to the Chamber. Now growing in leaps and bounds, long live the Chamber and the beautiful east oahu community.