Winners’ Camp has been providing top-level Leadership Trainings for Teenagers for over 25 years.

This seven-day retreat is held on the top of Kamehame Ridge, the ridge overlooking Waimanalo and Hawaii Kai.  Teenagers ages 12-15 learn specific skills that help them navigate their way through the challenges of school pressures, social culture and personal self-confidence.

Delorese Gregoire, a founding member of the Hawaii Kai Chamber of Commerce, has devoted her life to working with teenagers, families, educators, and community organizations. Her positive energy is infectious.  Together, she with her team of graduate staff leaders and highly experienced professional facilitators provide the highest level of leadership training to teenagers from across the state.

Goal achieving, memory training, visualization and creative thinking techniques, and self-management methods are taught. However, the major force in improving grades and academic ability is the development of positive and constructive attitudes about their own capabilities. By conquering challenging outdoor events such as high ropes courses, teenagers learn to recognize their own courage and self-confidence. By repeatedly going beyond what they thought they could do, they learn the joy of reaching their highest potential.

Kapi, an Oahu parent, wrote, “You’ll be amazed at the change in the way your teens respect and treat you, the way they see themselves and how they see life!”
Winners’ Camp teaches teens to realize that true knowledge brings understanding and self-awareness, and will lead to a more positive and successful life.   This is “looking to the source”, or as Hawai’ians term it, nana i ke kumu.

Registrations are currently being accepted for the upcoming summer session on July 21-27, 2013.  Sign up at

Want to see Winners’ Camp in action?  Here is a 30 second video:

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