Member Company Spotlight

Paper Fancies emerged from nowhere.  If you were to ask me 5 yrs ago what I would be doing now, creating beautiful flowers from paper would not have even entered my mind.  Sometimes, we just need to roll with it and see what great things evolve.  I have always been artistic in one way or another.  Creating music by singing or paling the piano, composing or directing choirs as well as classroom activities for my students was always an inspiring process
So, how did I get started with Paper Fancies?
After having a successful event planning business, someone asked if I knew of vendors that could create candy flower arrangements.  I did not, but offered to create it myself. I have never done anything like that before, and I saw it as a challenge, and created three prototypes for the client to decide if we should move forward.  She loved one of the designs and the candy baskets were created, making 36 of them for her clients.
That was the start of the Paper Fancies.  One flower lead to another, and special requests started coming in.  “Can you make me a paper clip”  “Can you make me a lotus”  “Can you make me special pushpins that I can give out as gifts to my office staff” “Can you make me a wedding bouquet” Can you make an orchid”?  All of these questions were answered with “let me work on that, and I’ll get back to you”.  New and more interesting designs are in the works, thanks to the new visions and your inspiring requests.
“Where do you get your ideas from”?  My ideas come from nature, paintings, articles, research and your suggestions.  “How do you make all of your flowers”?  All the flowers are either hand or machine cut.  (I used to cut everything by hand, until my fingers and hands started to hurt quite a bit, thus needing to move onto a cutting machine, which uses my designs.)  All the coloring and molding is done by hand.  Each flower starts with a flat sheet of paper, cut into shapes, colored, molded, put together into a flower, then the leaves, the backing, the stem and then when all of the flowers are created a flower arrangement can be assembled.
Art comes in many forms, and Paper Fancies is an art form of it’s own.  I continue to evolve along with my art form, thus never getting stale, ordinary of blah.  Creating one of a kind center pieces, large or small, single flowers, flower baskets, flower boxes, picture frames and more, is rewarding and exhilarating and continuing to feed my need for artistic creativity and satisfying your need for special flower art pieces. Paper Fancies is great for office décor, home décor, events or as unique gifts.
My online presence will give you a more information and ideas that will work best for you.
Nada Marriott