Tsunami Warning Issued Today!

There was an 8.3 earthquake off the coast of Chile today at just before 1 pm HST. The City’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is activated. Presently the tsunami is predicted to be between 1 foot to three feet when it arrives (presently at 3:11 a.m. Thursday morning.  There may be strong currents even if no large wave occurs.  Please stay out of any body of water until officials let us know the issue has passed. This assessment may change, so please listen to local news or radio.

Tsunami Evacuation Maps

Copies of the new City Tsunami Evacuation Zone Maps are available on DEM’s website at www.OahuDEM.org.
Currently, this event is not an Extreme Tsunami Evacuation Event, so we’re having people in the “Red” Tsunami Evacuation Zone start planning as to where they will need to goshould the State change the Tsunami Watch to a Tsunami Warning.
Below link is for new City Tsunami Evacuation Maps: http://www.honolulu.gov/cms-dem-menu/site-dem-sitearticles/20717-etez-maps-final.html Thanks for your support!

Stay safe and let’s pray this will only a be a practice drill!
Matt Glei, Facilitator, Hawaii Kai Strong