I wanted to let you know about an absolutely free, LIVE workshop I’m doing Thursday, April 25th at 4:30 – 7:00 at Hilo Hattie in Honolulu.

Its called:

“How to Attract 5 New Clients Into Your Practice in 30 Days”

Most holistic healers and heart-based business owners are passionate about serving others but struggle to find enough clients to make ends meet.

The key to overcoming this is to master the art of client attraction so that potential clients TALK THEMSELVES into working with you.

In this FREE 1 time workshop I will share with you my best secrets for attracting more clients into you business and teach you an authentic sales method that turns “I can’t afford it” into “Yes”.

Only 50 seats available.
register here:

You’ll also learn:
•       The #1 reason you’re not attracting more clients and how to turn it around immediately.
•       What to say to your ideal clients so they are hungry to work with you.
•       How to stand in your true value so your clients pay you what you’re worth.
•       How to leverage your time so you can grow your business without stress and overwhelm.
•       How to free yourself from the outdated beliefs that have held you back from being more successful.

I’m excited about this workshop because knowing how to sell (without being pushy) is one of the most important skills you can learn to build your business quickly. I’m thrilled to share this opportunity with you.

Go to this link right now and register before all the spots are taken.

EVENT: “How to Attract 5 New Clients Into Your Practice in 30 Days”
DATE: Thursday, April 25th at 4:30 – 7:00
LOCATION: Hilo Hattie (Plumeria room) 700 N Nimitz HWY, Honolulu
HOW: Register by clicking the link above and reserve your seat!

P.S. – Know someone who would be a good fit for this event?  Please forward it on!

Sean D.Stewart